Voting FAQs

Am I eligible to vote in the Advisory Board elections?

The electorate is made up of all academies, including free schools, studio schools and University Technical Colleges, in England that are open on 1 November 2021. Voting eligibility will be per URN (Unique Reference Number).

Who should cast the academy’s votes?

Votes can be cast by either the academy headteacher, a senior leader of the academy, or a senior official in the multi academy trust to which the academy belongs. It is for these leaders to agree amongst themselves who will cast the academy’s votes. Votes can only be cast for the AB in the region in which the academy is located.

How many votes will I have?

As there are four elected places on each Advisory Board (AB), four votes can be cast per academy URN (with no more than one vote per candidate). Votes can only be cast for the AB in the region in which the academy is located.

I am the head of two academies, will I be able to cast votes on behalf of each academy?

Where academies have one headteacher but two URNs, for example a separate infant and junior school, the headteacher can cast the votes on behalf of both academies.

How can I vote?

All votes can be cast online (electronically) through this website, on the electronic voting page, or by post. However, candidate statements will be available online only. A voting pack will be sent to every academy by both email and post.

What would happen if I cast my votes both electronically and by post?

We would ask that you please cast your votes using only one of the two options for voting that we are providing. However, if for whatever reason you do cast your votes both electronically and by post, we will only count the set of votes that we receive first. The second votes will not be counted.

When can I cast my votes?

The polls will open at 9am on Monday 22 November 2021 and will close at 5pm on Friday 10 December 2021. Before voting, please carefully read all the candidate statements relating to your region so that you can make an informed decision about who to vote for. Please note that, once submitted, votes cannot be amended.

What if the top four candidates in my region are all from the same trust?

Only one official from an academy trust can win a seat on an Advisory Board. If more than one official from the same academy trust is/are in the top four polling candidates, only the one with the highest number of votes would be selected. The other(s) will be deselected and replaced by candidate(s) with the next highest number of votes.

For example, if the CEO of an academy trust and the headteacher of an academy, which is part of the same academy trust, polled first and second respectively, only the CEO would be selected. The headteacher of the academy would be deselected and replaced by the candidate with the next highest number of votes.

What if the top four candidates all have the same sector expertise (e.g. primary or secondary)?

We want to make sure that Advisory Boards have a mix of elected candidates from both primary school and secondary school settings. For this reason, if the top four candidates are all from a single school setting, we will replace one of them (i.e. the fourth highest polling candidate) with the highest polling candidate from the other school setting.

For example, if the top four candidates all have secondary school experience and expertise, we will replace the candidate with the fourth highest number of votes with the highest polling primary school setting candidate.

When will the results of these elections be announced?

We aim to announce the election results in January 2022.