Sandy HERVIEUX (Canada)

Position Liaison Librarian
Organisation McGill University
Motivation statement

I believe that my experience as an academic librarian and as ABQLA president make me an excellent candidate for the role of regional division committee member. As the president of ABQLA (a regional association of library workers in Quebec), I have become knowledgeable about the issues and challenges faced by different types of libraries. I have engaged in advocacy actions specifically related to copyright issues and the future of libraries post-pandemic. For the latter, I participated in a national round-table with the Canadian Minister of Culture. As an academic librarian, I have experience with a multitude of different library policies. Since service commitments and committees are a part of the work of an academic librarian, I can devote the time and effort required in being an IFLA committee member. I have no conflict of interests and will protect the personal and privileged information that is shared with me.