Francesco MANGANIELLO (Canada)

Position Director, Stakeholder Relations and International Affairs
Organisation Library and Archives Canada
Motivation statement

I am a dynamic, committed and trilingual cultural heritage professional and collaborative leader. I have extensive professional experience in maintaining effective stakeholder and international relations; strategically developing and managing partnerships/collaborations; enabling cultural diplomacy efforts between cultural and documentary heritage institutions; effectively engaging in a range of experts from diverse disciplines, while ensuring efficient knowledge exchange, networking and brokering. Since joining Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in 2016, I have supported LAC and Canada's contributions to IFLA-related activities in the National Library (NL) Section (2016-20), and associated Digital Unification Working Group. Since 2016, I have supported the work of LAC and our domestic stakeholders in advancing the work of IFLA's Global Vision exercise including the preparation, facilitation and completion of a LAC and stakeholder Global Vision workshop and report (2017); being the LAC lead for hosting the IFLA Global Vision North America workshop in Ottawa (2018); and personally contributing the advancement of many IFLA priorities in my role as co-convener of the National Organizations and International Relations Special Interest Group (SIG NOIR), sponsored by the NL section. I hope to continue contributing IFLA's advancement of library priorities and values by leveraging my experience/skill-set to convince/encourage our colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.